Road Trippin

108 degrees Fahrenheit
1 RV
2 rescued dogs
3 desert dwelling darlings that inspired

64 degrees Fahrenheit
8 hour drive
1 trusty 2006 Toyota Corolla
5 minutes of uninhabited dancing at fisherman's wharf

Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It’s time to leave this town
It’s time to steal away
Let’s go get lost
Anywhere in the U.S.A.

Two girls in search of adventure. It’s how every one of our trips starts out. But we’re not just two average girls that have a set itinerary and clothes laid out for each day. No; we dance to the songs in our head, over pack as if we’re leaving home for a few months and always tend to meet some crazy characters along the way.

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Life throws us curve balls and usually we hit them out of the park; that or we at least get on base and hope the next at bat brings us home. Our go to road trip snacks include but are not limited to pretzels, chocolate, flaming hot munchies, caffeine of any form and of course vodka (for the Moscow mules we make in celebration of making it to our destination).10.8.15_027


We each have our distinct roles on the road. I can always count on Meghin to have researched our destination with cool places that we could hit up. A crumpled up piece of paper (our version of an activity sheet) is always on hand. Outdoor swap meets, vintage clothing shops, free musical festivals, food truck gatherings…anything off the grid is written on the paper and stuffed in a purse, always at our disposal.

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We both have similar taste in music but I can always count on Meghin to bring along jams crossing all genres. Everyone knows that an epic road trip cannot be achieved without an outstanding playlist. Our eclectic playlist includes but is not limited to The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, The Mamas and the Papas, Beyonce, Sublime and many more.


I am always ready to document our experiences with at least two different types of cameras on hand. I try to shoot anything I find interesting and different; specific things, things that will evoke a memory when I look at them once the trips have ended. Poor Meghin usually has to wait for me to get the right shot and the right angle and heaven forbid someone get in the frame at the wrong time. I “take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”.




Big Sur: Bixby Bridge


When you road trip you find out a lot about the person you’re with. Not everyone makes it out alive. Does the person you’re traveling with sing really loud and off pitch? Do they need to take a million bathroom stops? Can they only stay at five star hotels fit with valet and room service?


Lucky for Meghin and I we both have perfect pitch (…well almost perfect); we only stop for gas, bathroom stops that are absolutely necessary and in-n-out; and as long as we feel safe and there’s a soft pillow under our heads we’re pretty much fine with staying at any hotel or hostel.


While road tripping I love to always keep my eyes open. I try not to sleep. You never know what you’ll see. I encourage every wandering soul to drive out onto an open road with a great playlist, a true friend and a mind that is open to whatever the road brings your way.


good shoes take you good places

Remember it doesn’t matter what road others take, what short cuts they find and how long it took them. Your road is just that: it’s yours. Some people will hop on your road and ride along side you for miles, some for a few short yards. When it’s their time to exit be grateful for your time with them and send them off with positive vibes; who knows you might see them down the road. When you have a hunch listen to it. Stop when you feel you need to. Forget what the right thing would be for someone else and do what’s right for you. Go your own way.


-xo ash

ps: Meg thanks for being my ally on the road, keeping me awake with deep conversations as we drove down the 1 and for always reminding me to live fearlessly.

Gladiator Games

Summers “IT” shoe has always been the sandal… but this summers sandal isn’t just any sandal it’s the fashion forward Gladiator sandal! Worn by warriors in combat in A.D. 80, actors in the 30’s, models in the 60’s and celebrities today, this seasons key shoe is sure to have people doing double takes; and why wouldn’t it?!


DISCLAIMER: Not just anyone can dawn this iconic sandal! Note that it takes a specific woman to wear the famous Gladiator. To compete in the Gladiator Games a woman must posses a certain level of confidence and poise. After all, the sandal was depicted in ancient art as being worn by Greek goddesses. Like ancient Gladiators you must be brave when wearing the sandal.

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“We gladiate but I guess we’re really fighting ourselves. Roughing up our minds so we’re ready when the kill time comes!”-Lorde

Mentally prepare yourself! Not everyone will understand the fashion forward sex appeal that is the Gladiator and will have no problem voicing their opinions and doing so loudly. That’s okay, they don’t have to like it, as long as you know who you are and love the way you feel that’s all that matters! Be ready to make headlines!


When stepping into the sandal, remember that you aren’t just wearing everyday footwear, you’re dawning a piece of history… so wear it proudly! Stand up straight with shoulders back knowing you can conquer anything put in front of you (just like ancient Gladiators)!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she CAN conquer the world!”-m.m.

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History of the Gladiator Sole

Emperor Titus of the Flavian Dynasty opened the Roman Coliseum to the public in A.D. 80; its main purpose was to promote public welfare and decrease the opulence that was created by evil emperor Nero in prior years. Titus opened the Coliseum mainly for entertainment. The arena took on a life of its own hosting a festival with 100 days of games, Gladiatorial combats, mock naval fights and wild animal feuds. More than 50,000 spectators crammed into the large amphitheater to watch Gladiators engage in combat. Early on Gladiators were merely slaves, prisoners that had committed serious crimes and conquered people from around the world. But because of the fame, popularity and money that came with the Gladiator fights, new combatants rose through the crowds. Men, and WOMEN, signed up voluntarily. These men and women trained, willing to fight and show their skill in an amphitheater filled with roaring fans, in need of an entertaining show. Gladiators fought in the hot Italian sun and demolished the Coliseum ground, which was covered in sand to absorb blood from battle. To help protect their feet Gladiator sandals were created and made from the highest quality leather with long thin straps that would tie up around the ankle and calf. Sandals were ancient Rome’s most worn type of footwear. After the gladiator combats the sandals became a marker of status, with the finest leather being used for sandals on those in higher rankings. —I believe ancient gladiators would feel honored that they started a trend hundreds of years after the fall of the empire.

| Details |

  • LOOK 1: I paired a simple black dress with my favorite pair of black heeled Gladiator sandals. When wearing this look the key is to not complicate things. Remind yourself that the Gladiator is the focal point of the ensemble, so play down the rest of the outfit.
  • LOOK 2: Denim high waisted shorts and a flowy peasant top work well with my favorite light colored leather Gladiator sandals. Pair this sandal with a fun summer dress for a more relaxed ethereal look (think Roman empress).

Gladiator sandals are my favorite! Both sandals can be played up or down for both the unruly girl AND the refined girl; it all depends on the occasion. If you’re only problem with this look is that you can’t afford it, than there is no problem! The Gladiator can be found in many different stores for a variety of styles and prices. Find the one that works best for you.

Also: There’s enough drama in the shoe so don’t go crazy with hair and make-up. Make it seem like you just defeated your worst enemy on the Coliseum floor and are now ready for victory drinks with your best girlfriends! Keep make-up glowy and natural and hair either pin straight or soft effortless waves!

Have fun with this look and don’t forget your best accessory with the Gladiator sandal is a confident smile! 🙂

-xo ash

PS: m.h. you’re rad and you rock! Thanks for being the Nigel Barker to my Tyra Banks and reminding me that we all have a little bit of america’s next top model in us. I think we just added photographer to your bag of tricks! You da best!